Your Appointment

At your first appointment you will have a consultation of about 1/2 hour. During this time you will be asked about your previous and present medical history, the medications and supplements you are taking and the kind of symptoms you are suffering from (for instance bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhoea and so on). It is during this time that we can formulate a plan for your treatment which may involve dietary changes (including supplements) and in some cases, some life-style changes.

room-03_thOnce we have completed the consultation, the therapist will explain the procedure and will then leave the room to allow you to change. When the therapist returns to the room you will be asked to lie on your side. You are covered at all times with a large sheet. A rectal examination will be performed to ensure there are no abnormalities in this area and that we are able to continue with the treatment. It will also ensure the prostate isn’t overly enlarged.

pauline-room-01_thFrom here, we insert a small speculum into the back passage. It doesn’t hurt and it isn’t painful but it does feel a little odd. The speculum has 2 tubes attached to it. One allows the water to run into the bowel whilst the other allows the removal of waste from your colon. This tube drains into the sewage system so there is no odour. Whilst you are still on your side the therapist allows the water to run through the speculum and into your large colon. The water is filtered 3 times and is heated to your body temperature so you won’t go into shock. The therapist will “press and release” the “out” tube which stimulates the bowel into moving. This is called peristalsis. After a few minutes, you will be asked to roll onto your back (keeping your legs bent) and your abdomen will be massaged to help dislodge faecal deposits and wind. A viewing chamber in the “out” tube enables the therapist to see exactly what is being expelled and can give you more advice from this information. This may include:

  • Chewing your food better
  • Drinking more water
  • Further advice if you are not digesting your food properly